Uganda Little League Baseball Long Term Goals

  • Make Baseball a National Sport of Uganda

  • Have more than 100 leagues playing in all parts of Uganda

  • Have over 30,000 girls and boys playing Little League Baseball and Softball

  • Build many fields for 12 and under and full size for older boys.

  • Host International Little League Tournaments for ages 11 to age 18 and above.

  • Have Uganda teams qualify for the World Series in the U.S

  • Have a Ugandan team win the World Championship at any level in baseball or softball.

  • Train thousands of coaches in HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB prevention so that they can pass on the information to all their ball players.

African Baseball Committee Of Little League Baseball

Burkina Faso - Ghana - South Africa - Uganda

 5 Year Goals

  • Expand baseball and softball in our respective countries as equipment is made available to include thousands of boys and girls in each country playing baseball and softball.

  • Expand Little League Baseball into 30 African Countries.  Committee members will assist any country wishing to be active participants.

  • Hosting All African Baseball and Girls Softball Regional Little League Tournaments for all age groups with the winners going directly to the U.S. every August to play for the World Championships.

  • The Little League African Baseball Committee will train thousands of coaches and umpires.  They will all be trained, not only in baseball and softball, but with a heavy emphasis on AIDS/HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis prevention since they will be having excellent contacts with thousands of children from age 6 to 18.

  • The committee, with the help of all friends of baseball, will attempt to have all African Governments remove taxes and duties on donated baseball equipment sent to Little League programs in Africa.

  • The committee, with the help of its friends at Little League International and Major League Baseball, will work to reduce the costs of getting donated equipment shipped to African Countries by working with the U.S. Government to render assistance in this area, and hopefully shipping it through the U.S. Embassies.

  • As programs develop, we will look to individual Major League Teams to possibly sponsor programs in an African Country.  Eventually, even supporting a Baseball Academy in their respective country.

  • African Little League Programs will look to use the facilities and skills of the established South African Baseball program for training of coaches and umpires.

  • The committee members will work to obtain sponsorships from International Corporations and other agencies and organizations to support the African Program.

  • The committee members will seek to arrange cooperative baseball programs through the “Sister Cities” program.

  • The committee members will work to get all African Countries to participate in all National and International Tournaments in Africa and throughout the World.

  • While the committee now consists of only four members, we encourage all countries who wish to develop Little League Baseball and other baseball programs to join us as active members.


The committee members and contacts are as follows:

Burkina Faso
Ibrahim Ndiaye
Interim Chair, South Africa
Edwin Bennett

Hugo Huppenbauer
Priscilla Sarah Nakibuuka

U.S. Coordinator, Uganda Little League
Richard Stanley





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