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International School Started January 28, 2013 for 50 students at Little League Complex.  We have

started the second year with 50 new students.  This is the most unique school in the world with

 students from all over Uganda.  Read about how it is being run by Clicking here     



Funds Are Needed For



Complex of 3 full size and 3 Little League/Softball fields

$   500,000.00

$  500,000.00


School for Academic & Sports - Emphasis on Baseball & Softball



- School will accommodate 1500 students located at Little League Complex

- Click here to read why Uganda needs this school


Finish fields 3, 4 & 5

$   150,000.00


Fence, backstop and dugout fields 1-5

$   200,000.00


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December 2014

How do you talk about what went on in Uganda during November? So many things have happened, and all very positive. Let's start with the AVRS Secondary School at the Uganda Little League complex.

The end of November brings to a close our second year of operating the school. All of our students in S1 and S2 had a wonderful year and all want to come back next year. The new school year for 2015 will start with the students reporting back to the school on Sunday, January 25. We have over 100 athletically qualified applicants for the new S1 class as the current S1 moves to S2 and the current S2 moves up to S3. The final selection process for the new S1 class will be based upon a combination of athletic ability and academic evaluation and the willingness to work hard at learning sports and academics. The reputation of the school just continues to grow and I believe it is just beginning. We will be opening our new classroom block with the new school year that impresses everyone who visits the complex. It is just the latest large structure to open at the complex and it will be joined by the complete paving of the road on the complex grounds. This is necessary for the students to be able to travel on a smooth surface from their dorms, eating area and administrative building to the new classrooms without having to touch any surface other than a paved surface.

Athletically, the school teams have proven that they are the best baseball and softball teams in the country regardless of age. This was proven in two ways. In mid October, the annual Independence Tournament for Baseball and Softball was held in Lugazi. It is for teams of age 15 and below. The AVRS girls absolutely destroyed the opposition. The games were not even close after the first inning and thus they walked away with the title, even though this will be the team that will hopefully travel to Poland, if visas are given, to play in the girls 11-12 year old Little League Regional Tournament. Yes they will all be considered 12 years old as none will be 13 before January of next year.

The boys were a little different. Having to play all the games in one day, they wound up winning all three 7 inning games played easily. The team that the head of the Federation brought to play had at least several players that were 17 years old or above. We know that because a number of these players the coach brought to Poland to play in the 2008 Little League tournament as 11 or 12 year olds. Add six and one half years to 11 and you get 17 plus, even though the tournament was supposed to only be for 15 year olds. Rules do not apply to him and that is why the U.S. embassy has banned him from ever being a part of Little League Baseball in Uganda. It didn't matter to us as they were eliminated by us and Lugazi early. We played Lugazi for the championship and won easily, even though we used two pitchers per game and a total of 6 pitchers as we do not allow any of our pitchers to pitch more than half a game at a time and only twice per week. They are all very young and we do not want to see any of them hurt.

Another measure of the AVRS player's ability is the results of the League that members of the U.S. Embassy started playing on Saturdays in November. Starting November 1, we played on four Saturdays and we entered two teams in the league to bring the total up to 6 teams with three games being played every Saturday. Our two teams consisted of 12 and 13 year olds who will be now turning 13 and 14 respectively. The other four teams were of the U.S. Embassy staff and Marines, the people of the Embassy of Japan and two adult Ugandan teams that were supposed to be the best of Uganda. After the first week, the team of Japan quit when they saw the quality of play of the two teams from the AVRS School. The two adult Ugandan men's teams did not show up for the last games scheduled for November 22 against the two AVRS school teams after they failed to come close to beating them during the games of the first three weeks. Therefore, the only game played on the 22nd was against the U.S. Embassy team and to make it even, the AVRS team supplied the pitching for the Embassy and AVRS teams. During the week end of November 15-16, we played to two adult Uganda teams and three games on Sunday against a team consisting of adults and under 15 year old players from Lugazi. Thus we used 10 pitchers over the five games and won them all.

Other major events of the month involved the meeting in Lira between the leaders of the Uganda Little League and the Head Masters of several Secondary schools that are located where we have existing and successful Little League programs in operation. We had two secondary schools from Surotie, one each from Gulu and Lira. All have good playing surfaces and will be starting at least four teams playing baseball at the S1-S2 level starting when the new school year starts in late January. The existing Little League programs will now be able to feed its older players into these schools The baseball players will be trained during the school day at Physical Education classes that hopefully will be their last class of the day. By doing this, they will have the ability to extend the school day by playing games or extensive practices after school normally ends. They are all boarding schools and are committed to have all four of their teams playing at least one game every weekend, in addition to what they do during the week. Uganda Little League, from donated equipment, will keep them supplied with baseball equipment to get their leagues going and to expand over the next year or so to four more teams playing at the S3-S4 level and eventually four more at the S5-S6 level. In addition, they have selected the week of August 17 to participate in the First Annual National Championship All Star tournament that will be held at the Uganda Little League complex. It is expected the Uganda Sports Commissioner will be covering their travel expenses for this annual tournament, as we were informed that his office will be receiving substantial financial support from the government to enhance youth sport programs. This fits right into what the government now recognizes as a major goal.

This tournament will consist of six teams as this is written. The tournament will be for S1-S2 school programs only. The four schools mentioned above, the AVRS school team and another Secondary School from the north western part of Uganda. During our January two week Coaches clinic, all five of these schools will be sending at least four members each to learn how to coach baseball. Our coaches clinic will start with everyone arriving on the afternoon of January 7. It is by invitation only. All the names must be submitted to the AVRS Coaching staff by December 15. Anyone who comes to the complex without being invited will be turned away. Our goal is to have about 60 coaches that will be broken up into four groups of 15 or so. Any more, becomes difficult to handle because everyone who comes participates actively in all the elements of the program. We do expect several visitors from the U.S. and Canada to assist at the clinic.

Anther significant event took place during November at the complex. Dr. Yusufu Mpairwe and Dani Kireju visited the complex. They are two of the Uganda board members of the Uganda Cancer Clinic. They came to see what is happening at the complex. With the new construction, the Cancer Clinic is being offered two large rooms of 600 square feet each from which to operate. They were also informed that we have the opportunity to be part of the Clinical Trial for the new cancer breast imaging device and were advised of its future. The question they needed to answer was "Will they be willing to be part of the companies clinical trial?" They answered in the affirmative and will now be looking for two things. One will be for a very experienced and skilled Radiologist and the other is to make sure that the rules of the Ministry of Health are complied with and to make sure the clinical trial will be successful. This is the first part of what will become a major advance for the women of Uganda in regard to breast cancer.


The Trenton Thunder supplied the hats and shirts that the team wore in Poland.  The Trenton team was rooting for them to win so that they could come to the U.S. and visit the Trenton stadium and be introduced to the media and the crowd at a Trenton Thunder ball game.   Uganda would have been the first African Little League team to make it to the Little League World Series in its almost 80 year history.






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There are 2 Million Orphaned Children in Uganda, 45% due to Aids.  Many work in the streets to survive.  Baseball has given these children hope, a chance to have a dream!!!


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